Touchpoint Dashboard sprung from a perceived pain felt by leading customer experience industry consultants and practitioners in building customer journey maps.  Most maps in the past have been created using drawing and standard office tools.  The result is a two-dimensional experience that might hang on the wall as a poster and be a powerful customer-centric teaching tool, but really is just a snapshot in time that is difficult to interact with and change.

The need for software that would be flexible, interactive, and collaborative in this space was apparent.  Today Customer Experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries, and journey mapping is universally seen as an ideal starting point to understand your business from the perspective of your customers, walk in their shoes, collect Voice of Customer and other data, and put it all into one place.

Business Development – Jeff Hines:  Jeff heads up business development and strategic partnerships for Touchpoint Dashboard.  He is responsible for expanding the global reach of the Touchpoint Dashboard solution through enterprise adoption of the platform, strategic alliances, and channel partners.  Jeff is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the application of technologies to improve business processes, reduce operating costs, and increase client retention.

Customer Experience – Annette Franz: Annette heads up marketing and customer experience for Touchpoint Dashboard. In her role, she is responsible for our global customer experience strategy, which includes client onboarding and training, loyalty and retention programs, as well as developing and providing journey mapping consulting services.  In addition, she drives Touchpoint Dashboard’s marketing and strategic thought leadership activities. Annette has over 20 years of experience in the customer experience field and is an industry-recognized subject matter expert; she has spent the last 15 years in leadership and  consulting roles at several leading enterprise feedback management software companies.