Take the Mystery out of Mapping with our New Journey Mapping Guide

Today, customer experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries worldwide.  Customer journey mapping is universally seen as an ideal starting point to understand your business from your customer’s perspective, collect voice of the customer and other evidence, and put it all in one place. Journey mapping gets stakeholders on the “same page.”  […]

Tackle Tough Problems with Design Thinking & Customer Journey Mapping

“Most failures in industry are not that people can’t solve problems;  it’s that they’re not always great at identifying the right problems to solve.” – John Kembel, Stanford d.School When John Kembel, founding member of the prestigious Stanford d. School, spoke those words at the recent Boulder Innovation Executive Forum, you could almost hear the […]

Ignite Innovation with Service Design Thinking

Part I:  An Introduction Over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed reading various customer experience-related articles and blogs that offer insightful predictions for what’s to come in 2014.  Out of all the reading I’ve done, I’ve noticed a common theme emerging in every forecast… Empathy.  In fact, one excellent post in particular, written by Bruce […]

Customer Loyalty and the Spirit of Christmas

Despite the weather outside being frightful (it’s a balmy 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside my office today), Christmas spirit abounds.  The holiday is just a few weeks away, and extra doses of friendliness, goodwill, compassion and generosity are apparent everywhere. All of this holiday cheer has me thinking about what effect the spirit of Christmas has […]

Touchpoint Measurement 101: Part III

Touchpoint Measurement Challenges As we’ve outlined in Part I and Part II of our Touchpoint Measurement 101 series, a formal, ongoing and consistent touchpoint measurement system forms the backbone of any successful customer experience management program.  But let’s face it.  Touchpoint measurement is not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you […]

Touchpoint Measurement 101 Part II: Effective Methods for Measuring Touchpoints

This is the second post in Touchpoint Dashboard’s series on touchpoint measurement.  If you did not yet read the first part, which focused on the importance of touchpoint measurement and why companies should be measuring and analyzing their touchpoints, we encourage you to take a look here. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t strategically […]

Bryan Surface Joins Touchpoint Dashboard Executive Team

WICHITA, Kan., June 27, 2013 –  Touchpoint Dashboard, LLC (TouchpointDashboard.com) today announced that Bryan Surface has been named Executive Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales. In this new role, Surface will work to expand the global reach of the Touchpoint Dashboard customer journey mapping software.  He will lead all business development activities, work to develop […]

Touchpoint Dashboard partners with TNS, expanding the global reach of its Customer Journey Mapping software

WICHITA, Kan., June 18, 2013 –  Touchpoint Dashboard, LLC (TouchpointDasboard.com), the leading provider of customer experience management software, today announced a new partnership as it further expands its global presence.      TNS (http://www.tnsglobal.com/), the world’s leading market research company with operations in 80 countries, signed an agreement with Touchpoint Dashboard, giving the research giant access […]

Touchpoint Measurement 101 Part I: Everyone’s Talking About It. Why’s It So Important?

Editor’s Note:  For our “Touchpoint Measurement 101” series, we’ve tapped the knowledge of several customer experience experts, including Arcadio Roselli, CEO of Service Evaluation Concepts.  Mr. Roselli’s company specializes in gathering and analyzing front-line business intelligence.  His unique, technology-infused services (which include mystery shopping, call tracking, ad tracking, focus groups, and more) give companies the […]

Daan Noordeloos, Manager E-commerce transavia.com

Transavia.com and Touchpoint Dashboard – Mini Case Study

About transavia.com & VoC Klantreizen Netherlands-based transavia.com is a low cost airline that offers charter and scheduled flights to more than 90 popular destinations around Europe and to the Mediterranean. It also offers other travel related services, including online hotel bookings, car rental and travel insurance.  Nearly 90% of its airline tickets are sold through […]

Using Your Touchpoint Map as a Customer Experience & Brand Standards Training Tool

I was looking at a post I wrote a while back titled, “Finding Your Buried Treasure Points with a Touchpoint Map.” The gist of the post focused on how to best go about identifying our “Treasurepoints” – the points in the customer journey where customers need or expect more.  These points represent our golden opportunity […]

Goldilocks & The Customer Journey Map – Finding a Map View That’s Just Right For You

You may never have thought to compare customer journey mapping with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but just follow along… Earlier this week, I read a blog post on business2community.com titled, “Choosing What to Map.”  In her post, the author, Janessa Lantz, points to numerous benefits of customer journey mapping as part of a company’s […]

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As you begin the process of mapping your customers’ and your employees’ journeys, you might be looking for some tools and resources to guide you along the way. While Touchpoint Dashboard clearly provides a tool to simplify the mapping process, we thought it would be helpful for you if we documented not only some of […]