How it Works

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How it Works

How does it work? Touchpoint Dashboard provides the Tools and Resources that empower companies and consultants to visualize all of their touchpoints and related customer data in one place in a streamlined and organized way. This gives you a holistic view of your company’s touchpoints across all channels and lines of business so you can better understand the complete customer experience.

Touchpoint Dashboard can be an important part of a company’s customer experience strategy. It clearly identifies the touchpoints that work best and the ones that need improvement. It delivers the intelligence companies need to make smart and strategic decisions about where to invest resources.

Prior to Touchpoint Dashboard, the customer journey mapping process was done manually, and the results were difficult to interpret and share. Touchpoint Dashboard breaks free from this labor-intensive method and provides an easier way to map and understand a customer’s journey.  Our user-friendly, web-based software saves you time by automating your customer experience mapping process, and integrates your existing voice of the customer data into your map.

Touchpoint Dashboard helps your organization run smarter by presenting a streamlined “dashboard” view of the areas in the customer journey that are costing you most in terms of loyalty, retention and profitability.

Regardless of where you’re at in your mapping process, you can put the power of Touchpoint Dashboard to work for you. Making your customer journey map initiative more efficient and successful is our goal. 

Want to learn more?  Read on about our Map, Analyze, and Present process, or check out a demonstration map in presentation mode.

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