Share the insights you derive from your map


Touchpoint Dashboard makes it easy to manage, continuously monitor and share the insights you derive from your map. It delivers customized views of information for different stakeholders (executives, managers, associates). Want a high-level executive report or something that outlines the nitty-gritty details? Touchpoint Dashboard’s unique “dashboard views” and reports makes it easy to share the information that’s most relevant to your audience and help you get everyone on the same page.

Thanks to its built-in business intelligence, Touchpoint Dashboard assesses and ranks every touchpoint on your map, and clearly calls out areas that need attention. This enables you to easily show and objectively prove what activities and processes are costing you most in terms of loyalty, retention and profitability, and call out the ones that are excelling.

Every time you enter new information into the system, your map and related assessments update automatically. This provides an efficient, informative and streamlined way for you to measure and report on your progress. Use these insights to create a prioritized plan for transforming your business and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

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