Take the Mystery out of Mapping with our Journey Mapping Guide

TPD Journey Mapping GuideToday, customer experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries worldwide.  Customer journey mapping is universally seen as an ideal starting point to understand your business from your customer’s perspective, collect voice of the customer and other evidence, and put it all in one place.

Journey mapping gets stakeholders on the “same page.”  It helps you prioritize decisions on how and where to invest your company resources to differentiate your brand through an insanely great customer experience framework.

At Touchpoint Dashboard, our goal is to take the guesswork out of journey mapping and put you on the road to success with designing & creating great customer experiences.

We know you have questions & we’re here to help.  That’s why the Touchpoint Dashboard team has created A Guide to Customer Journey Mapping.

Inside this guide you’ll find:

  • An introduction to Journey Mapping, including common approaches; mapping do’s and don’ts; and recommended map “ingredients.”
  • Map framework options and steps to building a customer journey map.
  • Mapping considerations, including types of maps and answers to common journey mapping questions.
  • Tips for how to use your map and its findings to design incredible customer experiences and drive change in your organization.

We hope you and your teams find this guide useful as you embark on your journey mapping endeavors. We’d love to hear your success stories.  Send us a tweet at @TPDashboard.com, drop a line on Facebook or email photos & stories to marketing@touchpointdashboard.com.