Torturous Touchpoints – What’s Lurking in Your Customer Journey?

t_18414I read something today that left me shaking my head in utter disbelief.  You’ve probably heard the story, as it’s gone viral.  It’s about the Comcast customer service call from hell that tech journalist Ryan Block experienced when attempting to disconnect his cable.

The call was so torturous, that Block decided to record a portion of it to show the world how crazy-bad his experience was.  Listen to the recording here (but be forewarned that it may cause you to experience a dramatic spike in blood pressure and the urge to pull out all of your hair).

Sure, we can all get a laugh out of this and exchange war stories about our own less than optimal customer experiences (many of which have likely been with a cable company).  But I think this can also serve a reminder to us all that undesirable things can be lurking in our customer journeys.

In age of Internet virality, it’s more critical than ever before for us to understand and manage the kind of experiences we’re delivering to our customers.

Customer journey mapping is a powerful and effective tool that can help us do that.

Customer journey mapping is an exercise that plots out every customer interaction you have (i.e. your touchpoints) so you can visualize the sequential path customers take (including their actions and emotions) as they progress through your company’s lifecycle stages and channels.  The end result is a map that highlights what you’re doing well and sheds light on any areas where you can better meet customer needs and expectations.

As our Touchpoint Dashboard team reflected on the Comcast call, we agreed that’s it’s a prime example of why we built our Touchpoint Dashboard journey mapping platform in the first place — to make it easy for companies to model, understand and share these kinds of journeys with management; get everyone in the organization on the same page; and provide the insights needed to improve the experience they’re delivering.

Click here to view a (very basic) sample journey map created in Touchpoint Dashboard.  We created this map to illustrate a hypothetical experience a customer might have with a cable company and identify the way the customer feels about the experience.

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