University of Sydney to Integrate Touchpoint Dashboard Software into Business School Curriculum

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WICHITA, KS., July 15, 2014  Touchpoint Dashboard, LLC ( will support the University of Sydney’s Business School curriculum by giving marketing students access to its journey mapping platform over the next year.

Earlier this year, the University of Sydney Business School’s ( Dr. Rohan Miller asked Touchpoint Dashboard to support his advanced marketing communication course, which requires students to conduct consumer research, develop a customer journey map and present their findings to business executives.

“I am very excited about this relationship with Touchpoint Dashboard and its support for my teaching philosophy that integrates theory with practice and incorporates industry-leading technology whenever possible,” Dr. Miller said.  “By providing our marketing students with hands-on access to its journey mapping software, Touchpoint Dashboard is strengthening our curriculum and enhancing the education of our students.”

In addition to offering students access to its journey mapping platform, Touchpoint Dashboard representatives will teach students to create dynamic journey maps using the Touchpoint Dashboard software, and provide real-world examples of companies that are currently using journey mapping to better understand their customers and strengthen their business.

“We were thrilled to learn that the University of Sydney is teaching journey mapping and principles of customer experience management and design thinking as part of their business curriculum,” said Bryan Surface, executive vice president of Touchpoint Dashboard.  “This is a unique opportunity for us to support the university’s efforts to cultivate the next generation of business and customer experience leaders. ”It’s something Touchpoint Dashboard is proud to be a part of.”

Surface explained that customer experience management is a fast-growing discipline in the business world, and journey mapping is a powerful tool that allows industry leaders to support global customer experience initiatives.  Surface believes that students who know how to map, analyze and design customer experiences will be well-equipped to enter the business workforce, and will be very marketable to employers.

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Touchpoint Dashboard is a developer of customer journey and touchpoint mapping software.  The company’s feature product, Touchpoint Dashboard, is the world’s first web-based SaaS application of its kind designed to give companies the ability to easily create insightful and action-oriented customer journey maps to support their customer experience initiatives and improve business performance.  For more information, visit