Share for Success: Using Touchpoint Dashboard as a Communication Management Tool

Over the past month, we’ve been spending a lot of time listening to our clients.  Several of you have asked if we could provide more examples of how others are using Touchpoint Dashboard in unique ways to support their customer experience initiatives.

It’s a fantastic suggestion, and we’re going to start doing that here on our blog and in other future forums.  We’re calling it our “Share for Success” series.

To kick off the series, I have an awesome example to share with you here how the global humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders, is using Touchpoint Dashboard as a customer communication planning tool. 

To protect their intellectual property, we are unable to show you their actual maps, but we’ll be sharing some modified screen shots below to help you visualize this unique use case.  We hope this will spark some ideas in your organization!


The Doctors Without Borders marketing team was searching for a tool to help them manage their donor communication program.  They wanted to be able to:

  • Visualize their brand experience and monthly contact flow from the point of view of specific donor groups.
  •  Inventory, organize and view all touchpoints for specific donors in a monthly calendar-like format and categorized them by channel.  They needed to “get their arms around” and strategically manage, plan and budget for their annual donor communication.
  • Attach images and other files to the touchpoints represented on their map/calendar.  They wanted a quick, at-a-glance view of all the communication pieces that fall within specific channels (like TV, mail, face-to-face, email and telemarketing).  This would serve as a repository for donor marketing collateral.


When Doctors Without Borders team contacted us to see if Touchpoint Dashboard could do all these things, we were happy to say YES!  We worked with them to come up with a map configuration to meet their objectives.  It looks something like this:

Comm Planner ScreenShot1

The above screenshot shows a sample communication inventory/plan for August.  The top columns represent the weeks in the month, and columns are further broken down into days within that week.  The Rows represent the channels.  The colored boxes are the touchpoints/communication pieces.

This map gives this organization a great way to visualize their marketing calendar and strategically plan their communication.  Some cool features are:

  • The client can flip through each month to see all the communications being delivered to their donors.
  • The client can quickly see the specific weeks and days within each month that communications are being sent, how/where messages are being delivered and by whom.
  • The client can click on a touchpoint to open it and attach files, images and important notes (see screenshot below for an example of how this works in Touchpoint Dashboard).

View Touchpoint ScreenShot


Doctors Without Borders is just starting their mapping/communication calendar project, but it’s shaping up to be a success story in the making!  Here’s what this organization is saying about Touchpoint Dashboard so far:

 “We have a lot of contact channels going on here, and we’ve found it to be virtually impossible to get a visual representation of what our contact flow looks like from a donor’s point of view across time.  What Touchpoint Dashboard could save us in postage, fulfillment, telemarketing etc. by being able to run a smarter program is going to be staggering. And that is without taking into account any improvement in revenue we realize.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Molly Elliott, Marketing Director, Doctors Without Borders

Share for Success…

In the spirit of helping everyone succeed, we hope you’ll consider allowing us to share your Touchpoint Dashboard use case in a future “Share for Success” post.  We can remove all of your brand-related information if necessary to make it anonymous.

If you’re interested in participating, please send us a note at .

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