Touchpoint Dashboard Partners with ENGAGEcx to Offer a End-to-End, Digital Customer Experience Management Solution

Touchpoint Dashboard, LLC (, the world’s first and leading customer journey mapping platform, has joined forces with ENGAGEcx (, the premier omni-channel customer engagement execution platform.

The two firms will leverage the complementary capabilities of their independent cloud-based systems to deliver greater value to their clients and offer the global marketplace a complete, end-to-end customer experience management solution.

This announcement comes on the heels of the joint Touchpoint Dashboard, ENGAGEcx presentation delivered at the 2014 National Customer Experience Day networking event in Atlanta on Oct. 7.

“ENGAGEcx offers impressive CRM technology, and its leadership team brings extensive customer experience expertise to the table. Our tools complement each other perfectly, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with them,” said Bryan Surface, executive vice president of Touchpoint Dashboard.

According to Surface, the first step a company must take in managing its customer experience is to take an inventory all of touchpoints across all channels and lines of business, map the customer journey, and understand how a customer thinks, feels and acts when doing business with them. Touchpoint Dashboard simplifies and automates that process with its collaborative, intuitive journey mapping tool.

The next step, Surface said, is to take action to make improvements and continuously monitor the customer journey and watch for ways to better serve and engage customers. That’s where ENGAGEcx comes in. The innovative, CRM-like system monitors all aspects of a company’s customer journey as it occurs in real-time. It listens for buying moments through multiple media channels, creates a clear picture of a buyer, and delivers that prospective customer – along with his or her personalized buying profile information – to the right sales expert, in the right location, at the right time.

“This partnership will automate and dramatically transform the way businesses manage their customer experience,” said David Trice, co-founder and CEO of ENGAGEcx. “By giving our respective clients the option to couple Touchpoint Dashboard and ENGAGEcx together, we will close the loop that so obviously exists in the marketplace between the planning and strategy side of customer experience management—which is addressed with journey mapping—and the implementation of those strategies and overall customer engagement—the area where ENGAGEcx excels.”

For now, Touchpoint Dashboard and ENGAGEcx will continue to be sold independently through their respective websites. The companies are, however, exploring opportunities to integrate their technology.