Mapping Micro-Moments with Touchpoint Dashboard.

Our fast-paced digital and mobile world has dramatically transformed consumer behavior. We act on dozens of instantaneous impulses to do, learn or buy something throughout the day. Patience is low and expectations are high. The companies that do the best job of meeting our instant needs succeed.

Google has done significant research on the impacts of smartphones on consumer behavior, and has devised a new way to market to customers. It’s called Micro-Moments.

What are Micro-Moments?

A micro-moment is a series of fractured, intent-driven moments that consumers find themselves in throughout the day. They use these moments to gather information, visit businesses within their immediate area and to make all kinds of purchases.

As part of its “Think with Google” initiative, Google provides useful information, tools and resources to learn about and implement micro-moments for your brand.  They’ve documented different types of customer moments, and one is characterized as an “is-it-worth-it” moment.  It features a real customer named Giana.  Here’s her story…

While standing in the drugstore aisle, Giana was puzzled by the price differences as she considered treatment options for a cold sore. When she turned to her smartphone to research the remedies, the information she found swayed her to buy the higher-priced item, which she wouldn’t have otherwise considered buying. The interesting this is that she turned to her smartphone while shopping in the store.  According to Google, nearly 1/3 of consumers ages 18-34 say that information discovered through search convinced them to buy a more expensive, more effective product.

Mapping Micro-Moments with Touchpoint Dashboard

So what journey did Giana take during this micro-moment to make her small buying decision?

Mapping micro-moment journeys is a critical step in understanding the ever-evolving buying process.  Touchpoint Dashboard helps you do this.  To provide an example, we’ve mapped Giana’s journey and provided screenshots below. You Can Interact with this Journey Map in Touchpoint Dashboard.  No Login Required.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 4.16.25 PM

Interact with the Journey Map

Because it’s almost second nature, it’s easy to forget how often we pick up our phones to make decisions on the go.  But the data is clear. The ways in which we make buying decisions is fundamentally changing, and it’s important that we understand how micro-moments impact those decisions.

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