Why did we redesign our website?

Let’s be honest. Our old website was in need of a redesign and some sprucing up. As a company that provides customer journey mapping software, the irony wasn’t lost on us that our own website didn’t always provide visitors with a smooth journey. So we made it a priority to identify and address 3 key pain points that would go a long way towards creating a memorable and useful experience on our website.

New Home



Our old website had plenty of information about what we were capable of doing around customer journey mapping and journey management. Yet, new visitors still struggled to quickly grasp our key value proposition.

TPD Old Homepage


Solution: It became clear to us that we had to focus on you, the customer, in order to improve our communication. The reason you invest time and effort into journey mapping is because of the impact it can have one person: your customer.

With this in mind, we have crafted a new, customer-centric headline that puts you and your customers at the heart of the conversation. A passion and enthusiasm for customers is what drives us. It’s this same drive for customers that we want to share with you via our platform and our industry experts.

“Because each customer deserves a memorable experience.”

New Home



We provide an online, SaaS-based platform that allows customers like Sage, Cisco, CenturyLink and even NGOs like Doctors Without Borders to improve their customer journeys.

However, our old website had plenty of information that a visitor had to dig through in order to understand whether our solution was SaaS based or required a custom, onsite installation. Without this information, it became that much more difficult to evaluate whether our solution was the right match for them.

Solution: We address this issue on the homepage by using a headline that immediately lets the customer know that we provide a web-based platform:

“Visualize, Share and Optimize your customer journeys with

our online journey management platform”

We have also created brand-relevant illustrations that we use on the homepage and the How it Works page. These illustrations integrate elements like a computer monitor and video icon to convey the concept of “web-based” as shown below.

Visualize  Share



When all is said and done, we know that our website visitors must relate to the information presented on our website. Our old website described the functionality we provided. For example, the ability to create a map. But we failed to communicate the benefits to you the customer. Without clear, relatable benefits how would you know whether our solution will actually address your needs?

Solution: Rather than talking about the ability to Map we thought about the benefit of mapping. Our conclusion was that a map gives you the ability Visualize your customer journeys and walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.

Instead of talking about the ability to Analyze we took a step back to understand the end goal of analysis and what would come of it. The benefit is that you eventually get to Optimize your customer journeys and make them memorable, effective. So we updated our terminology throughout the website:

Before: Map  – Now: Visualize

Before: Analyze  –  Now: Optimize

Optimize 2



This redesign is just a first step in many more to come. We know that improving user experience and customer experience is much like healthy eating – it’s a lifelong commitment. And we are committed to constantly improving not just our website, but also the experience we provide you in our journey mapping platform. Stay tuned because we’ll have more new and exciting improvements coming to the platform in the near future!