Touchpoint Dashboard Adds New Template to Simplify Journey Mapping

Touchpoint Dashboard’s “Swedish Store” template helps practitioners follow best practices in journey management.


NEW JERSEY, April, 21 2016 – Touchpoint Dashboard and parent company New Jersey based consulting firm, Strativity Group, Inc., announce the release of a new template to simplify journey mapping.


“In building this demo, we sought to address the two biggest needs of our customers: getting started and knowing the best approaches” stated Touchpoint Dashboard’s Managing Director, Peter Haid, “the demo template is infused with plenty of journey mapping best practices that will get subscribers on their way to building memorable customer journeys.”


Haid adds “We know that journey mapping can sometimes seem overwhelming. By using the new demo template journey management practitioners have a simple tool that will help them get started in minutes. Whether they are new to journey mapping or an expert, this demo template allows them to see all the industry best practices applied to a simple, relatable scenario. “

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