2017 Was Amazing, What Will We Do Next?

Happy New Year!

About six years ago, Touchpoint Dashboard (TPD) set out to solve a problem—journey maps were falling down from the walls both figuratively and literally. We aspired to change that, led by the belief that anyone can use well-designed software to make journey maps designed to improve customer experience for years to come.

Last year, we welcomed nearly 1,500 people into our community of trial and paid users, bringing our total number of active Touchpoint Dashboard users to more than 8,000 across 4,500 unique companies (domains). As if that weren’t enough, here’s a number that makes me shudder in sheer awe of your efforts: in 2017, our paying customers created over 600 new journey map projects with over 120,000 touchpoints (double 2016’s levels)!

Thank you for letting our growing family, hailing from Colorado, Illinois, Chicago, Sydney, and Mumbai, be a part of what you’re achieving.

We have a lot planned for 2018, so before it unfolds, I want to pause, say thank you, and connect more personally with you.

I’m going to back up a bit. My name is Peter, and I get to look after Strativity’s Journey Management Platform, Touchpoint Dashboard (TPD) as Chief Product Officer. I’m from Denver, Colorado, and I grew up as the youngest in a family of five. My father taught me to build people’s dignity by complimenting something special you know about them. When I was eighteen, I started a job in corporate America as a business analyst in a telecom company with over 8,000 employees. What I witnessed in telecom was that customers were nothing more than unique IDs on spreadsheets and were treated as such. It was the opposite of dignity. This shocked me at the time, but it only got worse as I moved on to other companies. I came to believe that customer denial, even employee arrogance, was normal, and yet, in my personal life as a customer, I noticed small, local businesses actually did care. I wondered why my main street dry cleaner spent the time getting to know my family, but despite all the cumulative education in corporate America, larger businesses didn’t see anything worthwhile in even learning my name.

Many businesses are so scared to really know their customers as humans deserving dignity. That is until customer experience and journey mapping came along. This is why I’m honored to work on this ongoing evolution of customer empathy. I appreciate that it puts many companies on notice that they must keep up with not only rational interactions but also the equally important emotional peaks and valleys discovered only through journey mapping. While the truth is that I am fascinated by technology and a student of entrepreneurship, that’s not what brought me to TPD. I’m at TPD because I believe that customers and employees simply want transparency, especially when things go wrong. Journey mapping is that transparent, and it is the burning platform for excellence that awaits the few, brave companies who pledge never to hide.

Here we are together in 2018, proving the possibilities. Just look at the numbers I presented in the opening paragraph. They represent how you’ve grown, what you’ve accomplished, and how we’re thriving as a community. This year had highs and lows for me personally, but not a day passed when I wasn’t inspired by the people I get to work with and by you.

Looking ahead, I feel hope, energy, and relentless resolve. I believe in our team, who will continue to do well by listening to you very closely. That combined with your feedback will lead us to our first big product announcement of 2018 that is coming soon: Journey View, an entirely fresh visualization to make the journey easier to follow. You’ve also spoken up for local resources, so we’ve opened offices in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, we heard you ask for more education, so we’re hosting more Journey Management Academy events this year and including in-app, click-by-click walkthroughs to teach you the best ways to use TPD.

Finally, I believe in you and your expectation to find the results you signed up for. And I am committed to being transparent. Although we’ve made mistakes and may make others as we continue to grow, we’ll never hide. Please hold us to that.

Cheers to a map for success!

Peter Haid

P.S. I want to hear about your wish list for 2018. Email me directly at Peter@TouchpointDashboard.com