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Build Flexible Journey Maps

Connect to Customer Types

The Journey Management Software that works for you

Create Actionable Maps

Create goal-oriented journey maps that deliver the right results, for the right customers.

Analyze, Collaborate & Share

Understand the journey from multiple angles, discuss real-time with your colleagues, and utilize executive-ready outputs to share the story.

Understand, Evolve & Test

Enjoy the flexibility and security of a Saas-based journey management tool.

Designed for Collaboration with all Stakeholders

Initiatives & Task Management

Create initiatives and tasks right on top of your touchpoints. Assign due dates and give them to anyone on the team.

Intuitive Reporting for Action Plans

Create executive-ready reports that track the progress of your journey management work across multiple maps.

Customer & Employee Feedback

Take advantage of the security and flexibility of a SaaS based journey management platform to request feedback from both customers and employees.

Driving customer journey management for brands that pledge to put customers first

Maps Created

Touchpoints Created

Maps Shared

How It Works

Touchpoint Dashboard® allows you to create your own journey mapping template and organize your maps for teams of any size. Each map will come to life with touchpoints that have images, data attributes, and a story board. All of this cumulates with action plans and real-time validation from customers.









  • Drag and drop touchpoints onto the canvas to build a beautiful journey map.
  • Add touchpoints to your own template using your own fields.
  • Make each touchpoint come to life with images, audio, or video.



  • Share and discuss the map online with anyone.
  • Give others editing rights to work alongside you.
  • Add notes to touchpoints and receive email alerts.


  • Ask your customers if the map is right.
  • Let customer rank the importance of touchpoints.
  • Get reports that reveal how your map is performing real time.


  • Filter to touchpoints that matter.
  • Create charts to see trends in the map.
  • Change the X and Y axis to see different perspectives.


  • Use story mode to capture the most impactful touchpoints.
  • Add images, audio, and video to make the story powerful.
  • Sharing the story is simple just like swiping through pictures on a device.


  • Review the touchpoints by cost and effort to find quick wins.
  • Create initiatives, tasks, and due dates on top of any touchpoints.
  • Review the initiatives and filter for items coming due soon.


  • Tag your projects into categories for reporting.
  • Build reports that span multiple projects to show a program-level view.
  • Easily share executive-level reports via URL, PDF, or Excel.

Solutions That Meet You Where You Are

Strativity offers a full suite of solutions to support your journey mapping and customer experience (CX) initiatives. Whether you’re brand new to the discipline or a seasoned pro looking to scale your success, we provide the consulting services, education, and software to meet you where you are.

Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Consulting Services

Let us be your guide through full-service journey mapping execution and broader CX transformation support, from strategy and design to activation and sustainability.

Journey Mapping Education and Enablement

Take your skills to the next level and develop a journey mapping center of excellence for your organization through our Journey Management Academy certification course and coaching services.

Journey Mapping and Management Platform

Sustain and scale your journey mapping efforts, and drive action and accountability with Touchpoint Dashboard®, our journey management platform used by more than 100 organizations to manage more than 19,000 maps.

We deliver our journey mapping and CX solutions as à la carte options and combined programs. Let us tailor an approach for you to meet your immediate business needs and lay the foundation for long-term success. Together we can unlock exceptional performance for your organization!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between journey mapping and journey management?

Journey Mapping: A visual depiction of interactions and emotions seen through the eyes of a customer while attempting to accomplish an intention with any given brand.

Journey Management: The discipline of understanding, planning, implementing, and optimizing a portfolio of journey maps to generate cost efficiencies and create loyalty through improvements that are most impactful to emotions.

What kind of Training and Workshops does Touchpoint Dashboard® provide?

Touchpoint Dashboard® offers a variety of workshops and trainings to fit the needs of your organization. In fact, we created the Journey Management Academy to address these needs. From one day trainings with a small group to large scale Journey Management education and certification workshops. If your needs go beyond training we can offer up our expert consultants to help you deliver a specific project.

Where is my company's data and information stored?

At Touchpoint Dashboard®, we take security very seriously, after all you are trusting us with some of your organizations most critical data. We use highly secure servers and other tools to keep your data safe and secure. We also run data backups frequently so everything stays up to date. Please see Data Protection and Security for more information.